Pakistan Summary

The green line denotes where we have cycled, the orange line where we have taken a bus or been forced into a police van. The red line was the original proposed route, changed due to early snowfall closing off the Babusar Pass. See our Route page for more detail

We cycled

From: Sost to Lahore
No.days: 30 days (14 days off the bike!)
Distance: 860 kms (534 miles)
Ascent: 9350m

No. days with police escorts: 3 - between Chilas and Abottobad - 125kms of which we were forced into a police van.

TOTAL from UK: 9738 kms (6051 miles)

See Strava - @readcycleread - for full route details.

We slept

Hotel/hostel/cabin/shack: 13 nights
Wildcamping: 1 night
Tent in garden: 3 nights
Invited by a local: 1 night
Couchsurfing: 8 nights

We ate

So much roti (tandoori cooked flat breads), chana dhal (chickpea curry), vegetable curry, lentil dhal, dried aprices, apples, samosas, pakoras, mixed pickles and a lot of Pakastani chai - sweet lightly spiced and always very milky tea.

We saw

Incredible 7000m peaks, autumn leaves, ibex, rushing mountain rivers, snow, sun, colour and smiles. We bumped into 5 other cycle tourists and cycled with four of them at seperate times. We’ve made new friend’s and can’t wait to return to Pakistan one day.


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