We would never have got this far without these awesome and inspiring cycle tourers listed below. Far too many to thank but if you’re planning a trip of your own these are some books and blogs we’d recommend:


Alastair Humphreys - Mood of Future Joys + Thunder and Sunshine
Helen Lloyd - Desert Snow
Loretta Henderson - The Big Women on Wheels Book
Mike Carter - One Man and His Bike
Rob Lilwall - Cycling Home from Siberia
Tim Mulliner - Long Ride for a Pie
Tom Bruce - Every Inch of the Way


Caravanistan - travel & visa information for the Stans
Travelling Two - inspiring & practical blogs as well as a Bike Touring Survival Guide
Women on Wheels - inspiring and mad tales of women cycling solo all over the world
How are you? Where are you? - Cycled to NZ via South America
World Spokes People - Two kiwis cycling home 1 yr ahead of us - we can’t wait to meet them and share tales back in NZ!


The Pursuit Zone - Paul Schmid interviews adventurers from across the globe.