New Zealand Summary

The green line denotes where we have cycled. See our Route page for more detail

We cycled

From: Queenstown Airport to Lower Hutt, Wellington
No. days: 40 days (including 10 days off the bike)
Distance: 1,455 kms (904 miles)
Ascent: 14,029m

TOTAL Distance since leaving the UK: 17,877 kms (11,108 miles)

See Strava - @readcycleread - for full route details.

We slept

DOC/council campsites: 7 nights
Wild camps: 8 nights
Backpackers: 1 night
Friends & Family: 20 nights
Warmshowers: 3 hosts over 3 nights

We saw

Breathtaking scenery: mountains, rivers, lakes, forest, scrubland, glaciers, coastal clifss. You name it and New Zelanad has probably got it. The downside to taking the West Coast of the South Island is that it’s infamous for rain, but then you wouldn’t get the lush green rainforest so you can’t have it all!

We ate

Our vegetarian diet took a bit of a backseat as we stayed with many friends and family all of farming backgrounds bought up on meat and two veg! Not complaining though, we’ve been fed so well by everyone we’ve stayed with here and very grateful. Tip Top ice cream is back on the menu for Jules, and chocolate milk, a solid post-ride favourite! We’ve had our fair share of fish and chips, mussels, pipis and other sea food. Oh and bread sweet bread! It’s been a luxury to be able to stop and make our own sandwiches again.

WGFinish Wellington! Home Sweet Home!

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