Video - Around the World in 10 Minutes

1 second everyday for the entire length of our journey - 342 days in under 10 minutes!

In March 2018 we packed our panniers and set off on a one way bicycle journey from the UK to NZ. This video presents one second from each of the 342 days on the road as well as a clip of the route we took. It was shot on mobile phones using very unsteady hands (sometimes whilst riding) so apologies for the out of focus and bumpy shots which appear on quite a few days…There’s also a few glitches in the music which we can’t fix (we’re rookie when it comes to making videos…)

The primary reason we did this trip was to support and raise funds for The World Land Trust, an international conservation charity which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats, in particular by developing partnerships with local individuals, communities and organisations. For more information, their website is:

In April 2019 we made it to Wellington cycling over 11,000 miles / 17,800 kms through 27 countries and raising £10,300 ($NZD 20,000) for The World Land Trust. If you’re one of the many hundreds who donated or helped us along the way – thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you!

The music is from an all-star New Zealand line up who were kind enough to provide us with permission to use their tracks. Special thanks to The Phoenix Foundation, Nathan Haines and SJD for their generosity.

Track listing in order (Artist - Track):

The Phoenix Foundation - Bitte Bitte

Nathan Haines - Desert Town

SJD - If I Lose My Way

Nathan Haines - Believe

The final segment of the video was recorded using Strava Multiple Ride Mapper, an excellent tool provided by Jonathan O’Keeffe. If you use Strava, this is an great way of visualising your activities. His website can be found using the following url:

Thanks for stopping by!

Milly & Jules Read

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