The road test - Chichester to Falmouth

Chichester - Falmouth stats:

No. days: 8
Distance: 483 km
Assent: 6,500 m
No. Punctures: 1
(J): Half-price pasties at the finish!
(C): Finding a campsite with a heated pool & sauna! Also discovering I can haul 38kg up hills after 6 week off cycling.
(J): Having the fun sapped out of Dartmoor due to bitter headwinds.
(C): Dartmoor - rain, wind, hills & puncture.

What better way to put the bikes through a range of weather, ground, ups and downs, twists and turns than by following the UK’s National Cycle Route 2 from Chichester to Cornwall. They certainly got a test, cycling through Storm Aileen, up and down 25%+ country lanes and going off-piste through the woodlands on some pretty rocky paths. We survived to tell the tale and the pictures below are some of our favourites.

1. Ferry 1_4 And we’re off - ferry number 1 of 4

Waking Waking up in the wilderness

3. Bournemouth coastal path Calm after the storm - escaping Storm Aileen

LowGear The first 20%-er - only stopped 4 times!!

3. Tea for two Tea for two (this was desert!)

4.Hardys monument Reached the top just before dusk - magical place

5. Dartmoor That Dartmoor day - a rare gentle slope up the top of the moor

Tunnel Much needed light at the end of the tunnel after a long wet and windy day on Dartmoor

7.The Flood What rain I hear you say…

8.Are we there yet A much needed cuppa at the Pendower Beach hut - not far to go now

8. St Mawes St Mawes - made it, well just one more hill to go in Falmouth!

As a result we made a few gear changes including … take less stuff!!

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