The green line denotes where we have cycled. See our Route page for more detail

We cycled
From: Aktas Sinir Kapisi to Matsimi
No. days: 12 days (including 3 rest days in Tblisi)
Distance: 456 kms (283 miles)
Ascent: 4941 metres

TOTAL from UK: 7076 kms (4397 miles)

See Strava - @readcycleread - for full route details.

We slept
Tent: 7 nights
Hostel/Guesthouse: 4 nights

We ate & drank
Giant lavash breads
Khachapuri (traditionally boat shaped bread filled with egg and cheese, or else stuffed with spinach, onions, potatoes etc - a cyclists dream lunch)
Khinkali (large Georgian dumplings)
Aubergines stuffed with walnut paste
Taragon lemonade
Local wine (we missed out on the chacha - local Georgian ‘vodka’)

We saw
Loads of butterflies in the forests, plenty of cooling streams, a lot of gravel roads and quite a few other cycle tourers.

GEKhinkali - a welcome surprise offering of khinkali and stuffed khachapuri

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