In Summary - Croatia

The green line denotes where we have cycled and the blue line where we took a ferry. See our Route page for more detail

We cycled:
 From: Babno Polje to Ivanica
 No. days: 11 + 1 rest day  

 Distance: 668 km
 Ascent: 9150 m

 TOTAL from UK: 3045 km (1892 miles)  

 See Strava - @readcycleread - for full route details.
   We slept:
 Tent : 9 nights  

 Warmshowers: 0 but one incredible chance meeting & host for 2 nights
Hostel/BnB: 1

We ate:
Poppy seed paste pastries: 4
 Nutella croissants: 8
 Jars of ajvar: 5
 Approx 1 litre of kefir a day!

   We saw:   The turquoise blue sea! So many beautiful bay, boats, olive groves, vineyards and some other cycle tourers!  

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